At Kindaburra the close relationships that we form with our families are very important to us. We value every piece of feedback we recieve and love to share it with our community!

"Hi Miss Katherine,

 Thank you very much for your email and detailed observations.

 I can assure you that Hoor is happy and grateful to your support and other educators.

 She is looking forward to coming to Kindaburra everyday, and I can tell you she feels the sense of belonging, safe, and being supported. Recently, I have noticed she made a close connection with some other children at Kindaburra. She is not only remembering her friends, but also she thinks about them while she is playing at home or playground. Sometime, she intends to bring some of her toys to her friends.

 My family and I really appreciate her progress and your outstanding support. The detailed observation reports represent great improvement in her communication skills and learning outcomes, and that can be considered as a breakthrough. I knew she had a great potential, but she needed a starting point and that what you've been doing since her first day at Kindaburra.In addition, she is really proud to be part of the Kookaburra team and Kindaburra. Every time when we pass nearby the centre she is jumping with happiness and enjoyment. Thank you for your remarkable support and encouragement, my family and I cannot thank you enough"


"We have been very glad that we found this great daycare with all the lovely and dedicated teachers. The daily reports have always been an admiring glimpse into your daily work with the children and I really appreciated it!

 It was a plessure to bring our son to Kindaburra, knowing that he won´t be alone there, getting supported while he struggles with the foreign language.

 I always recommended your place to other parents and people who have been interested in which daycare I chose for my son.

 Please tell also Miss Brooke and Miss Katherine our deepest admiration for their work and we will remember them with great gratitude and the chef for her great cooking and the awesome taste experiences Leopold made with her."



"I wanted to thank you and all the staff at Kindaburra for making Olivia's first "school" experience such a positive one. Everyone from the chefs, teachers, administration and boss lady Miss Patricia were so caring and attentive. You give the children a really good start to their education, I can't thank you enough."