Kindaburra's Quality Team

Early Childhood Teachers

Kindaburra is represented by a team of creative and highly professional Early Childhood Teachers who are qualified to teach in Early Childhood Services from birth to 8 years of age (birth to grade 2 of primary school).

Diploma Teachers

Diploma Teachers are 2 year TAFE trained, qualified to teach 0-5.

Other Team members

Each team member brings in their unique skills and expertise. All team members undergo a Child Protection Screening process prior to commencing their work at Kindaburra.

Kindaburra selection criteria for new team members focuses on targeting experience and expertise that will promote the highest quality learning and developmental outcomes for children.

Qualified Chef

A qualified chef with many years experience in food handling and nutrition/menu planning.

Kindaburra Policies and Procedures

Kindaburra policies outline procedures for the operation of the centre. They serve us as an action plan and guide the daily practices of the Kindaburra team members, families, caregivers, children and stakeholders. Kindaburra's policies provide structured guidelines and consistent direction that are vectored towards our mission, vision and guiding principle. Our policies cover all areas of care and education, including health, safety and nutrition, grievance procedures, staff relationships with children, partnership with families, programming and evaluation, management, child protection and other relevant areas.

Kindaburra Policies and Procedures Folders are displayed outside the Director's office. Families are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the policies as part of orientation, prior to enrolment.